Girder Rectangular 1x6x5 #64448 Info:

  • Materials: ABS     Model Number: #64448
  • Unit Weight: 4.95g     (202 PCS/kg)
  • Size: 8 mm x 40 mm x 48 mm
  • Different color customize available
  • Prices based on weight 1 kg

Our Advantage:

  • 1:1 Carved easy to assemble
  • More affordable prices than other suppliers.
  • Same product quality as a famous brand.
  • Got almost all the designs on the market.
  • Flexible ODM & OEM projects available.
  • Plenty of stocks of almost all designs.
  • Fast dispatch so you don’t delay the project.
  • Free samples for quality test.

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Weight 1 kg



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Girder Rectangular 1x6x5 #64448Girder Rectangular 1x6x5 #64448
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